Creative Spotlight: Tom DesLongchamp

On the merit of monsters alone, the music video featured above (You Cried Me) would earn a spot on my top ten any given day of the week, but add in an incredibly upbeat musical score by Indianapolis native Jookabox and some phenomenal animation by director Tom DesLongchamp and my appreciated goes to a whole 'nother level.

DesLongchamps' sketchy, illustrative style is a perfect compliment to Jookabox's psychedelic sound with its surreal and oddly detailed depiction of two kids on the run during Halloween. A native of Seattle, WA, DesLongchamps claims his work
relies heavily on the unconscious. So much so that he is often unaware of what he is doing. He enjoys surprise, misinformation, and hair.
Couldn't have said it better myself. For more of his work, check out TomThinks on Vimeo.


  1. So I'm sitting there watching this video when Paisley walks up and joins in. Moments later I look over at her and her foot is tapping and her head is bopping and she's groovin to the beat. It was so cute man! Your girl loves some good tunes. Anyway, I had this crazy dream last night that you and I could summon the spirit of E.T. if we broke into this old abandoned cabin (which had old, decayed Halloween decor by the way) and said a chant together while holding an inanimate object in our hands. I kid you not. In the distance we heard a noise and when we looked out of the window together The Wolfman was slowly creeping toward us. I awoke in a daze around 4 this morning and unable to fall back asleep for a while. I'm tellin ya man this would make for a good Victor and Boris strip. I need to get on the ball with those. Being sick these past two weeks (on and off with whatever the heck is causing all of this congestion and coughing) and really emasculated has limited my production, but I will win my friend. Hope you have a great day today!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Haha that is too cute, dude!

    As for that dream... I suggest you lay off the Mentos before bed. Seriously, though, that would be perfect for Victor and Boris. Let's see some more of that sh*t.

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