Creative Spotlight: The Happiest Monster

The more horror films we watch, the more comfortable we seem to be letting the monsters into our homes and onto our screens. In doing so we take from them a little of their bite, knowing in our minds that their fangs aren't real and all we have to do if push the power button if we want them to die.

So with this in mind, its refreshing when a director and/or animator can take us through this same journey only to deliver us with a creative twist. Such is the case with The Happiest Monster wherein a little girl meets a giant monster and the two become fast friends. Directed by CalArts alum Johnathan Kim this hand drawn animated short is even more impressive for not feature any dialogue, instead relying on the music score of Andrew Toups (who unfortunately I couldn't find any info on) to lull you into a childlike sense of security.

I won't spoil the ending, suffice to say its worth the wait.


  1. Total payoff in the end. LOVED it!

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