Trailer Terrors: Zardoz

Space jellyfish will most definitely tear your face off and eat it.

Okay so that won't really happen in the film (at least not the version I saw), but it would probably feel better than actually watching it sober. I mean one really has to question the motive of director John Boorman putting a hairy beast like Sean Connery (as Zed) in a speedo with suspenders and setting him loose upon an unsuspecting world because, despite all of its lofty intent, that's exactly what Zardoz boils down to.

But wait there's more! Vacuum-sealed nude woman (see insert), a giant stone Godhead the flies, spontaneous hand licking, and female mud wrestling are all on today's menu as well. Its like one huge Scientology induction ceremony when you think about it. In all serious though, the film seems to share some elements of Planet of the Apes (sans the make-up effects) in which Zed and his people are some sort of de-evolved humanoids controlled by some higher evolved men living in a giant stone head (Zardoz).

Over the course of the film, Zed begins to get smarter and starts out on an epic quest of revenge against the agents of Zardoz. Erroneous fornification, lazer gun action and feminism ensues. If it doesn't make a lot of sense to you that's okay since the director isn't 100% clear on everything himself. Check out the commentary track for his thoughts on the film, just remember to have a six pack on hand.


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