Head Games: Dante's Inferno (1986)

Abandon all hope, ye who enter.

Okay, so maybe its not quite that bad, but this 8 bit interpretation is a far cry from the vivid demons of Dante's classical verse. For those of you who may be confused, this Dante's Inferno by Denton Designs does indeed predate EA and Visceral Games more recent, blood-soaked depiction of the self righteous Christian crusader and though the concept is expectingly similar, the end results couldn't be more diverse.

Unlike Visceral's game, Denton's Inferno consists more of Legend of Zelda style adventure than hack n' slash action with an emphasis being placed on navigating a mundane series of Underworld mazes as you quest through the various circles of Hell to defeat the Devil. Sounds like an epic setup right, one man against the forces of Hell all leading up to a torturous throw down with Big Red himself?

Well... it would be if the Devil wasn't such a pushover. That's right, after battling your way through Limbo, Nine Circles of Hell and hordes of malformed miscreants all it takes to stick it to the Devil is... nothing. There's no epic clash, no beat down, nothing. Simply walk right up to him and that's it, you win. Joy to the [freaking] world, baby.


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