Terror Trailers: Repossessed (1990)

The Devil is back.

With films like Airplane!, Naked Gun and Dracula: Dead and Loving It under his belt, I've admittingly never really been a big fan of Leslie Nielsen's absurd style of comedy (the one exception being his appearance in Creepshow entitled Something to Tide You Over). Unfortunately, Repossessed proved to be no exception to the rule as this paranormal parody has left behind nothing in its wake except the rotten stench of decomposition.

Despite the clever re-casting of Linda Blair as the unfortunate vessel of Satan, allowing the film to pay homage to its source material while simultaneously taking a few sharp jabs at its haughty, religious overtones, this amounts to little more than puns and senseless antics which tend to overwhelm with their absurdity. I mean, how many times can you deliver the same Mother May I (Nielson's character is named Father Mayii) joke and hope that it gets funnier?

Largely forgotten, and roasted by critics upon its theatrical release, Repossessed did receive a reputable DVD transfer about a year back thanks to Lions Gate's Lost Collection (which also includes My Best Friend is a Vampire and Slaughter High). Much like later incarnations of the Scary Movie franchise, Repossessed is one of those films that might offer a chuckle or two in its first 30 minutes, but soon becomes a test of will to finish.


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