Head Games: Tremerz

Terror comes from below.

Based on the 1990 comedy/horror film Tremors, Tremerz is an 8-bit homage released on April Fools Day that serves to capture one level of a what I can only imagine to be a far greater online game. Clocking in at roughly 2 minutes of actual gameplay, Tremerz is a collaborative effort of programmer Tom Fulp and artist Jeff Bandelin currently available on Newgrounds.

For an April Fools prank, this duo did a great job capturing the spirit of the film with easy to learn game controls and character designs that would be right at home in a Metal Slug game. Simply tag each cast member to make them follow you around and prevent the monsters from gobbling them up. Its slightly addictive, but unfortunately offers little replay value with only 9 achievements to unlock (7 of which can be earned in one playthough). Still, its worth checking out if you're looking to kill a few minutes during lunch.


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