(Re)Animations: Captain N (The Game Master)

Looks like the ultimate warp zone brought us the ultimate wimp!

The year is 1989 and Nintendo is living it big with the release of its first Game Boy handheld device, the premiere of video game-centric movie The Wizard, and even its own brand of cereal! Lest we forget, it was also the same year that The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! premiered and the release of its 16-bit Super Nintendo was on the horizon. So what better way to celebrate than with an animated adventure show that combined all these great things, right? Well...

While Captain N: The Game Master managed to cull together some of the company's hottest game properties such as Metroid, Castlevania, Mega Man, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong and Punch-Out! (to name a few), the show's interpretation of those characters took a lot of unnecessary liberties. Case in point: bad-ass, monster-killing Simon Belmont from Castlevania is portrayed here as a blonde, effeminate Indiana Jones. Mega Man is green instead of blue, King Hippo is teal with nipples the size of flapjacks, and as for our hero, Kevin Keene? Let's just say all that he's missing is a hoverboard and Doc Brown.

Even as a kid I knew to only take these discrepancies at face value, the coolness factor of seeing these characters on screen together making up for whatever the so-called plot lacked. In my opinion it holds up less favorably today, and while midly entertaining it relies mostly on the nostalgia factor for life support. However, given that I just found out the entire series is available on DVD, the collector in me feels inclined to purchase it anyway.


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