Trailer Terrors: Winterbeast (1992)

It must be seen to be believed.

Seriously. If the aliens from Plan 9 from Outer Space landed near the cabin from Evil Dead, causing the cosmic radiation of ancient evil spirits to contaminate the exact brand of bottled water that David Lynch drinks, the result would probably be something like Winterbeast.

Directed and written by Christopher Thies (his first and only film), Winterbeast is a B-movie mishmash of stop-motion animated monsters running rampant in the wilderness of Rhode Island. While touted by some as "Evil Dead meets Northern Exposure," the film exudes an absurdity that slowly hooks into your subconscious. If you've ever scene anything David Lynch has put to film, you'll know exactly what I mean. The human characters are awkward and clumsy, the special effects are gleefully gruesome (though unavoidably low budget) and comedy is found in all the wrong places... but it works.

You'll watch with a friend and laugh, drink some beer and say WTF, but you'll always finish it. Definitely not a film to be taken seriously, Winterbeast boasts such odd beasts as giant chickens, dinosaurs and even an evil totem pole! Its ludicrous and laughable, but far from boring. If you're into stop motion or cult classics this is a definite must buy. Check out Amazon for availability.


  1. ladracul said...:

    Uh, is this the horror equivalent of "The Room"?

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Haha, I wouldn't label it being quite that bad... its more like the afterbirth of Ed Wood and Ray Harryhausen.

  1. Eee GAD!!! Looks like a winner to me! Or delightful background noise at a Hunch Punch party.

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