Saturday Night's Main Event #2

The Rockers vs The Twin Towers

Before Rey Mysterio or The Hardy Boys there was Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty, two high-flying fellas known as The Rockers. Though I only caught The Rockers on the cusp of their tag team days, I can distinctly remember Michaels standing out as the more charismatic of the two. Unlike most of the athletes at that time who were larger and stronger, The Rockers achieved a strong of successful bouts because of their fast-paced, well organized acrobatic style of wrestling.

In tonight's match, however, they square off against the damage inducing duo known as The Twin Towers (Big Boss Man and Akeem). Akeem (formerly known as the One Man Gang) was an ill-conceived parody of black stereotypes managed by Slick, a similarly stereotypical "heel." Alongside the Big Boss Man, they fought a series of high profile matches against the likes of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man, Demolition and (of course) The Rockers. Can The Rockers high-flying trump the titanic raw power of The Twin Towers? Watch the video above and find out!


  1. skinny insect said...:

    Holy crap, dude!!! As I said before, I looooove the new layout! Total Treehouse-O-Rama!! Definitely workin for ya.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Glad you're digging it, E. There will definitely be some adjustments within the next week or so as I work at the kinks, but the overall design will remain.

    Whew! Two weeks of hard work finally pay off! :)

  1. sunshine said...:

    I have loved wrestling for many years now and remember The Rockers well.
    Shawn Micheal's is not one of my fav's but I can appreciate what he did. Mr. Wrestlemania has for sure earned his place. :)

    Right now my favourites are Edge, Jack Swagger and of course, Chris Jericho. :)


  1. Strange Kid said...:

    I've actually only recently rediscovered my love of wrestling thanks to a great blog called Geek Orthodox. Its full of fun, geeky stuff and the guy that runs it (Reis) always wears a luchador mask.

    The classics are always the best.

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