Trailer Terrors: Cheerleader Camp (1988)

Competition can be murder.

As if being a teenager isn't awkward enough (what with all the hormones and such), dealing with high school drama such as trying to find a seat at the lunchroom cafeteria or worrying about the school football star grabbing your gym shorts again can be a real nightmare. As prevalent as these worries are, I would say that roughly 90% of kids growing up experience them in one form or another and that's how films like Cheerleader Camp (aka Bloody Pom Poms) are born.

Conceived like some Prom Night bleacher baby, Cheerleader Camp is a slasher film that rarely strays from the rules of its genre. There's intricate death scenes, plenty of random cheertastic nudity, and Leif Garrett and that's hardly a criticism (well, except maybe that last one). Regardless, there's enough going on in the film to keep your attention despite the stale acting and low budget effects which rank only just above a porno flick. Like many slasher films in the late 80s (there were quite a few), Cheerleader Camp goes for the stalk n'slash style of cinematography as it tries to build up the mystery of its killer's identity.

In the end, the film proves to be more of an unintentional horror/comedy as the viewer's sense of disbelief and terror quickly turn into a game of Horror Movie Drink Up. See it with a friend, break out the popcorn, defrost that bottle of J&B scotch liquor you hid in the back of the freezer and prepare to be thoroughly entertained (if not all together satisfying your angry, inner teenager).


  1. Dr. Goreman said...:

    I loved this movie when I was younger and haven't seen it in ages. I have always been a fan of the high school slashers of the 80s, the ones in the 90s not so much. Keep up the great work and thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Happy to oblige, Dr. Goreman and thanks for the words of encouragement... 'tis the fuel that feeds the beast.

  1. Great late night 'snug-with-your-favorite-blanky' movie for sure. And you KNOW what type of blanky I'm talkin about!

    I bought this movie on a whim back in 2004 and loved it. Everyone else that watched it with me just left the room but I of course stayed and laughed my ass off at the poor acting and embraced the silicon goodness.

    I think I traded this one in, unfortunately, so I guess I can't revisit those pleasurable times. Oh well. Sigh.

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