Terror Trailers: Defendor (2009)

Its time to fight back.

If there's one thing that film has taught me, its to never give up without a fight. From Rocky to Scarface, there's always been something cinematically heroic about the underdog who defeats the odds through sheer willpower and determination. So what better way to celebrate this Hollywood stereotype than with a socially awkward superhero named Defendor.

I'll admit that the trailer, when I first saw it on the Zombieland DVD, had me fooled that this was a straight up comedy. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) this is definitely not the case. Closer in kin to a comedy/drama, Defendor does manage to inject some of the action of the upcoming Kick-Ass (albeit on a much more realistic level) while maintaining a dramatic pacing of The Blind Side.

As the spirited Arthur Poppington/Defendor you just can't avoid connecting with Woody Harrelson, whose childlike portrayal of Poppington reflects the proverbial inner child that resides in us all. Throw in some corrupt cops (Elias Koteas from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)), a prostitute struggling with drug addiction and dimestore childhood psychology and you have a recipe ripe for the indie circuit. Definitely a rental, you'll find (as many others) that, despite a good formula, its Harrelson's acting that really carries you through 'til the end.


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