Trailer Terrors: Munchies (1987)

No one kills my tropical fish and lives!

Following the late 80s trend of taking something scary and making it funny, Munchies (1987) is a surprisingly enjoyable monster movie where the fact the titular terrors are puppets is hilariously poignant.

Unlike the previously featured Hobgoblins (1988), Munchies delivers a certain flair that precedes the slapstick self-awareness of Gremlins 2 (1990) or Ghoulies IV (1994). Full of ham-handed sight gags and scalable special effects, the movie definitely plays more towards being a comedy than it does trying to be scary.

The plot centers around a space archaeologist (played by Harvey Korman) and his discovery of the aforementioned creatures while on an excavation in Peru. Taking the little monsters home to America, they are soon stolen by his greedy twin brother who wants them to peddle his snack food products. We soon discover, however, that the Munchies have a terrible secret for when you try to harm them, they multiply— hellbent on revenge.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nothing kills the mood faster than a tiny alien joining you in the sack...

    Anyhoo, is that Frank Welker's vocal talent as the aliens?

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Why yes it is, haha. The man's got a diverse range of experience:

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