Trailer Terrors: Old Dracula (1975)

Because all the foxy ladies taste better at night.

As any college Literature student will tell you, the theme of sex is prevalent throughout the pages of Stoker's Dracula. From the neck-piercing allusions of oral intercourse to the scantily-clad Brides of Dracula, there's little denying the author's implication.

Old Dracula (1975) takes this theme and runs with it, mixing in a little blaxploitation (borderline racism), and goes long only to crash gloriously into the bleachers— with gusto. Released one year after the more fondly remembered Young Frankenstein (1974), starring Gene Wilder, Old Dracula tries to feed off the horror spoof money machine, but falls short with a plot twist that is both politically incorrect and dated.

Don't get me wrong the film is rather funny, but for all of the wrong reasons. Essentially The Count (played by straight-laced David Niven), who comes to London seeking the particular blood type of a beautiful woman to resurrect his bride, Vampira. As luck would have it, The Count finds a cozy flat to rest his coffin right next to a studio full of voluptuous ladies and finds his sacrifice in the form of actress Teresa Graves. The twist comes when The Count begins to turn into an African American as well.

The one saving grace of the film? That groovalicious theme song, baby: Back in Transylvania, they've found a drink that's new. If someone wants to drink your health, they drink it out of you..." Far out!


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