Trailer Terrors: PacMan The Movie

Saw meets old school arcade coolness.

That statement about sums up this epic slice of April Fool's Day foolishness by Therefore Productions. The indie filmmakers posted this retro remake yesterday (April 1st) and have already received over 50,000 hits (and well deservedly so)! The studio had this to say of their creation:
This 2-minute trailer satirizes and skewers Hollywood’s love for taking video games with barely any plot (e.g. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc.) and turning them into abominably bad feature films. In this trailer, Pacman is given the “Saw” treatment — enter a dark and disturbing world filled with pellets, ghosts, and yes, Pacman.
It would definitely make for a sweet haunted house theme. Want more pop culture inspired PacMan madness? Insert quarter here. Be sure to tell 'em Strange Kid sent you.


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