5 Great Moments in (Romero) Zombie Evolution

Ever since the days of Darwin, the term evolution has been used to describe the progression of a species (homo sapien or otherwise) as they adapt to the world around them. Numerous studies and research have been done in the field of evolution that have yielded results both shockingly profound and unabashedly controversial. So as a horror fan, the it begs that question: how have monsters evolved or (more specific to the purpose of this post) how have zombies evolved?

Well, in the spirit of Romero Week I offer this abridged attempt at documenting some of the major moments in zombie evolutions as documented by that maestro of meat puppets George Romero! Without further ado, let's count down 5 Great Moments in Zombie Evolution:
#5 Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Zombie Matricide This is the moment that kicked it all off as it, proving that (at least initially) zombies were oblivious to concepts of family. They'll eat anything with a brain regardless of familial relations.
#4 Day of the Dead (1985)

Bub the Zombie Romero shows us that zombies aren't quite as mindless as we first thought. This specimen seems to retain some memories from its former life, showing signs of basic primate instincts. Fascinating.
#3 Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Creepy Baby Zombie The zombie condition is no longer viral, its genetic! Biological reproduction is possible and proof for procreation between species is (un)born. Flag your pole, fellas.
#2 Land of the Dead (2005)

Family Matters Demonstrating an advanced ability to communicate and use tools these specimens, though still driven by hunger and instinct, are no longer content as second class citizens.
#1 Diary of the Dead (2008)

Zombie Clown I KNEW IT! Research proves that the ultimate form of any species always result in clowns. There's nothing scarier. It's like putting Batman's head on Wonder Woman's body and then giving him the adolescent tendencies of a 15 year old!

What are some of your favorite moments in zombie evolution?


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