New E3 Splatterhouse Trailer Released!

Get ready for some horror-themed heavy petting.

Despite there still not being a concrete release date (the trailer mentions Fall), things look to be heating up for our masked maniac Rick in this latest trailer that premiered at E3. While not giving away too many details, the clip does show a few new scars in the form of a worm boss battle, some new environments and even mutated Rick's power move from 1993's Splatterhouse 3 on the Sega Genesis. Throw in some equally nasty minor demons and a heavy metal track that could only have been recorded from the bowels of Satan's bunghole and you can see the reason for my excitement.

Not since Mortal Kombat has a game so gleefully encouraged gamers to relish in gore and carnage. Only this time its legit because its demon blood, right? And nobody likes demons. Oh, will there ever be plenty of demon blood to spill. Now toss in that Job for a Cowboy album your older brother keeps stashed in his shoebox underneath his high school gym shorts he hasn't worn since 2003 and get ready to snap from freaking necks! HOOAH!


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