Saturday Night's Main Event #6

Big Boss Man vs The Mountie (Jailhouse Match)

As mentioned previously this match takes place during Big Boss Man's run as a "babyface" or good guy shortly before his defection to WCW during the mid-90s. Though there was never any noteworthy feud between Boss Man and The Mountie, this 1991 Summerslam match-up remains pretty memorable in my eyes for one single reason... The Mountie became someone's b*tch that night (well that, and Roddy Piper's enthusiastic color commentary).

Though I don't honestly remember seeing much of The Mountie before or since that match, I do recall being scared as hell watching that intro footage of Boss Man cuffed to ropes as he was mercilessly zapped by The Mountie's trademark cattle prod. Sound effects aside, as an 8 year old boy the thought of being defenseless and tortured was horrifying to me (perhaps a side affect of all those horror films I consumed back then, haha). Anyway, the concept behind this match is that whoever lost would be put in the drunk tank overnight with all the resident creeps and weirdos NYC had to offer. I won't spoil the ending, suffice to say: "don't you love the way leather feels against your body." Haha.


  1. Geof said...:

    Sadly, I remember this match and Traylor's babyface run. While it might seem sacrilegious, I never was a Bossman fan, even when he returned to be part of the Corporation with that updated black SWAT-looking outfit. And I think you're right - Mountie disappeared shortly after this time period, and not a second too sooner. Loved Rougeau when he was an "All-American Boy" better.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Yeah, it was probably both of their respectively last greatest matches. I do admit that I got a little nostalgic when Boss Man returned with the SWAT getup, if only because I'm a sucker for a comeback.

    I don't recall All-American Boy. Was that before or after The Mountie gimmick?

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