Saturday Night's Main Event #7

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs The Undertaker

Jake "The Snake" Roberts has always been one of those performers that is either a hit or miss. When he's "on," he brings a charisma and animosity to the ring that really wasn't replicated until Stone Cold Steve Austin a decade or so later. On the flip side, Roberts could be just as temperamental and unpredictable as his pet snake(s) Damien. In fact, this Wrestlemania VIII matchup with The Undertaker would unfortunately be his last of note within the WWF thanks in part to a real-life feud with Vince McManhon. Though he did return in 1997, it mostly served to fuel the career of the aforementioned Steve Austin and he quickly fell onto some personal roadblocks.

His feud with The Undertaker was actually a spin-off of his previous feud with Macho Man Randy Savage and served as a catalyst for Undertaker's babyface run. It was a shortlived storyline that is really only encapsulated in this first (and last) match. To be sure the highlight of the footage above is Paul Bearer's interview (he was so damn into that role)! So what will it be: a DDT to send the "Texas Red" back to rattlesnake country or a Tombstone Piledriver that will deliver Roberts to the deadman's doorstep? Let's get in on!


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