Toychest Time Machine: Wrestling Buddies

Klonk 'em. Bonk 'em. Tug 'em. Hug 'em.

Released in the early 90s, this commercial (almost) single-handedly sums up everything that Strange Kids Club is about; that we never truly outgrow the inner child inside of us. In fact, I'd go on record to admit that WWF Wrestling Buddies are one of the all time greatest toys ever made. Don't get me wrong, action figures are cool and all, but who wouldn't want a plush pal that was built (by Tonka of all companies) to withstand a flying elbow from the top rope and still be your best friend afterwards?

The first series (I believe WCW later had a series as well) consisted of 5 different ring jockeys: Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Ted "Million Dollar Man" DeBiase, Macho King (not Man) Randy Savage and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Like most other kids I can recall wanting Hogan, but ended up settling for Jake the Snake since he looked so badass with his signature serpent Damien on his shoulders. My brother ended up choosing Ulimate Warrior, a decision I admit to later being envious of, and we would actually set up our bedroom just like the one in the commercial.

Doubling as tag team partners, pillows, and whatever else our wild imaginations could create they never once showed signs of disrepair (that's Tonka for you). In fact my brother continued to hang on to his for some time well into his teenage years (before the hormones kicked in). Now they seem to be notoriously difficult to find (in particular Jake the Snake), even despite several over-priced listings on ebay. I'd love to get my hands on one again if ever given the chance, after all, you're never too old to deliver a standing pile driver to a stuffed doll, right?


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