Basking in Father's Day Swag w/ Dolph Lundgren!

Being my very first Father's Day, I'll be honest that I didn't know quite what to expect in terms of festivities and, I have to admit, I was blown away this weekend by some really cool Father-related swag including an Unrated Edition of The Wolfman (2010) AND a Dolph Lundgren Double Feature of The Punisher (1989) and Masters of the Universe (1987).

In particular, the latter two films are an especially well-received treat as they hold the honor of being among my favorite late 80s action flicks. Despite two attempts to relaunch (the first is decent, the second... not so much) The Punisher in film, I must admit that Dolph Lundgren's interpretation of the character is still my favorite by far. As for Masters of the Universe, while its certainly no Conan the Barbarian, I will never forget Skeletor's scary ass makeup effects (not to mention Meg Foster is hot as Evil-Lyn).

Seeing as how its a holiday of sorts, instead of writing a lengthy review on each film today I think I'll instead take some time to bask in these great gifts and enjoy my first Father's Day the right way: a 6-pack of Rolling Rock and an afternoon full of Lundgren kicking villainous ass. Here's to you Dad... here's to father's everywhere!


  1. Geof said...:

    Masters trailer and Dolph in general are great gifts for Father's Day. "I have da-pawa!"

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Haha. Even though, I'm technically only a step-father I thought that was pretty awesome of my girlfriend and her daughter. I'm a lucky guy. :)

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