A New Dark Knight Rises in Fan Film Batman: City of Scars

Batman is back in an all-new fan film by writer/director Aaron Schoenke.

For those seeking to fill the void between The Dark Knight and Kevin Nolan's next trip through Gotham's shadowed streets, Batman: City of Scars offers a fittingly bleak and gritty view of the caped crusader. The tone of CoS is surprisingly successful thanks to a combination of incredibly detailed effects/wardrobe and stellar acting by some of the principal characters such as Kevin Porter as Batman, Paul Molnar as The Joker and even Madelynn Rae who has a brief cameo as Harley Quinn. Other notable cameos from the Bat Universe include Scarface (see insert), Zsasz, Black Canary and Detective Montoya.

And let's not forget to mention the skillful direction on the part of Schoenke who, some may be surprised know, is no stranger to the dark alleys of Gotham. In fact, since 2003 Schoenke has written and directed a total of 3 other Batman-related fan films: Dark Justice (2003), Patient J(oker) (2005) and Batman Legends (2006). Alongside Patient J, the only other film I've seen to date, CoS sets up a truly impressive hour-long narrative struggle between Batman and his greatest rogue: The Joker.

Although my final impression of the ending is undecided (the apparent death of the Joker just feels wrong), there's no denying that what Schoenke has crafted in these 30+ minutes would make for a perfect television series. Throw in some more hard detective science and continue with the insanely spot on villain characterizations and I guarantee that my butt would be glued to the boob tube every night it came on.

A big shout out goes to Dano from 3D Monster where I first caught wind of this project. Good work, Dano!


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