Head Games: Ghoul Patrol (1994)

Ever wonder what happened to Zeke and Julie after Zombies Ate My Neighbors?

Well just like Macaulay Culkin after the success of Home Alone, they went out and partied hard for a year before making their next-gen comeback. Of course, unlike Home Alone 2, Ghoul Patrol was actually a worthy successor to the franchise. Perhaps my second favorite game series (behind Splatterhouse), Ghoul Patrol is a top-down side scroller that picks up more or less after the events of Zombies Ate My Neighbors and features the return of the previous game's young protagonists.

Having grown a little since their last monster-bashing escapade, Zeke and Julie are set against a horde of slightly tougher-looking zombies, ninjas, aliens, ghouls and giant demons than before. Thankfully, their tools have also received an upgrade and are pretty generously scattered throughout each level. Speaking of levels, Ghoul Patrol sees its 16bit heroes traveling not just through the neighborhood but entire universes thanks to the mysterious and magical book of Ghosts & Demons.

The gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has ever played the original game and the graphics are really only slighter richer despite having been upgraded from the Nintendo to the Super Nintendo. That doesn't make the game any less fun; however, and I recently discovered (yes, I know now its been out for awhile) that the game has been made available on the Wii as downloadable content which means plenty of hours will be spent on the couch this weekend reliving the ghoul-squashing glory of killing a horde of corpse grinders with nothing but a gun that shoots bubbles.


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