Trailer Terrors: Eat and Run (1986)

A comedy with taste.

If you've ever wondered what really happened to Al Capone, chances are he was eaten alive by a 400 lb. alien named Murray. What... too soon?

Well that's (more or less) the premise of Eat & Run, a 1986 comedy/sci-fi parody about a bulbous alien from another planet who crashlands on Earth and finds he has a particular taste for Italian... the people, not the food. Played by pudgy character actor Pat Ryan Jr. (The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke 'Em High) I can't help being reminded of George "The Animal" Steele tearing up a turnbuckle with his teeth every time I see Murray devour a street vendor whole.

Similarly to The Thing with Two Heads, Eat & Run takes a potentially horrific concept and plays it primarily for laughs. While I didn't find it to be quite as funny as the aforementioned Thing with Two Heads, the film still offers a few chuckles, but ultimately becomes an indigestible mess over drawn-out gags. In fact, I was rather surprised to see Ron Silver (Timecop), who is IMO a pretty solid actor, unable to escape the ruthless barrage of barroom jokes and puns. The end result is just another lazy Sunday Matinee popcorn flick that really doesn't offer anything that you couldn't find done better in Disorderlies (1987).


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