Trailer Terrors: Mom and Dad Save the World (1992)

Boldly going where no parents have gone before.

Only in the 90s could such a far-out premise such as this exist. Falling somewhere between the science fiction based special effects of Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988) and the offbeat, campy humor of Mel Brooks' Spaceballs (1987), Mom and Dad Save the World is fueled by the same nostalgic comedy culture Suburban Commando (1991) or Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989).

For what it is, the actors play their roles rather well even despite a nonsensical plot. Speaking of whom, the film stars a triple threat of comedic talent in the form of Teri Garr (Young Frankenstein, Nightscream), Jeffrey Jones (Howard the Duck, Beetlejuice) and the ever awkwardly amusing Jon Lovitz (Coneheads, The Critic) as Emperor Spengo.

The story (there is one, it just doesn't make a lot of sense) is a soft-headed parody of sci-fi tropes such as "Super Death Ray Lasers" and intergalactic conquest that acts as some sort of marital rehab weekend for Marge and Dick Nelson (played by Teri Garr and Jeffrey Jones respectively). There's probes, action, adventure, stupid shenanigans and yes, even a little romance along the way.

I should also note the great job done by Thomas Zell, Brian Penikas, Bill Sturgeon, Eddie Paul and the rest of the special effects team for their part in making the alien world come alive. I remember being scared stupid by one scene in the film where Dick Nelson is attacked by a pack of hopping, killer mushrooms (known as Lub-Lubs) in a sewer... to this day I still blame that scene for my aversion towards any ground-based fungi.


  1. Angie said...:

    OMG we LOVE this movie! We reviewed it not long ago, and thought we were the only ones who knew it. This is such a gem from our childhoods :)

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Its definitely a guilty comedy-laden pleasure of mine. There's something about the films on the cusp of the end of the 80s - early 90s that just draws me in every time.

    I like your blog BTW, the images on the sidebar w/ your faces on popular movie icons is way cool and that Contact film sounds pretty interesting.

  1. I love jeffrey Jones, its too bad he doesn't star in too much anymore, one of my favorites of his is Stay Tuned with John Ritter

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Stay Tuned is a great film and for sure one of his best roles. He seems to be one of those actors that falls into a certain era of films, which is unfortunate.

  1. Angie said...:

    We're suckers for 80s/90s stuff too. Some of it is just so bad, it's good!

    Thanks for visiting us, and the kind words :)

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