(Re)Animations: Monster Force

In the year 2020, these teens decide to fight back against the corruption that is Universal Studios... or at least their monsters.

Not to be confused with either Fred Dekker's classic Monster Squad or Roy Baker's underground abortion The Monster Club, Monster Force is an early 90s era animated series that takes many of the famous monsters of Universal Studios and turns them into superheroes. Pretty cool (in theory).

Created by Universal Studios and animated by Lacewood Productions, the show's premise took place in a technologically advanced future in which a band of teenagers (Power Rangers *cough*cough*) were tasked with defeating the less fearsome forms of Universal's creature catalog including headliners such as Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Wolfman and The Mummy. Lasting only one season, the show ended before it really ever got started.

Following the formula of just about every other action-oriented 'toon geared towards the tween market back then, Monster Force did little to make itself standout from other popular series such as TMNT, Captain Planet or the aforementioned Power Rangers. It had a theme song, some "cool" power suits called EMACs (Energized Monster Armed Containment Suits), and generally just served as a way to sell toys. In fact, there is so little that I can remember of this show that I don't even think I ever bought into the toys themselves, though having looked back on them now they're pretty neat looking.

As usual, 'ole Frankenstein's Monster is on the good guys team while other monster mainstays (primarily Dracula, [Bela the] Werewolf and The Mummy) are left to their villainous ways. I've never really understood why Frankenstein's Monster gets so much love while the rest are cast of into the dark side, but it seems to be a consistent trope in many cartoons and films alike. I suppose it might have something to do with the Monster being the most "human-like" of the collection while the rest have given in to their curse, but it would be nice to see more twists such as in Monsters in My Pocket.

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  1. Jay Amabile said...:

    I barely remember this cartoon, but I can't help thinking it would've been better if they just made a regular universal monsters cartoon.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Jay: I couldn't agree more, don't think I've seen many (if any) really good animated interpretations of the classic Universal monsters.

  1. cmdrkoenig67 said...:

    your article mentions that the Wolf Man is on the side of evil, but that's not accurate...Luke Talbot/The Wolf Man (ancestor of the original Wolf Man) is a member of the Monster Force, while Bela the Werewolf( who bit Luke's grandfather) is on the side of evil.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @cmdrkoenig67: Well, I'll be darned, you're right. Thanks for noticing that, I've corrected the post to reflect that information.

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