Uncle Eerie's Shiver Show Returns w/ 'Blood Tide'!

Last week the clubhouse had a particularly cool ghoul named Uncle Eerie drop by to tell us a little about himself and his downhome shindig known as the Shiver Show. Now, Eerie has returned once more with the premiere of his spine-tingling third episode featuring the cult classic Blood Tide (1982).

As before, Eerie delivers his unique brand of carnival barker scare tactics to your ocular membrane in true Deep South fashion with a trip through the marshlands of Swampy Carl. If you're a fan of The Munsters or Tim Burton's Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, you're sure to love Uncle Eerie's Shiver Show. It's definitely becoming one of my favorite web series on the net and perfect for those late nights when the moon smiles out from you in the dark and the wolves are scratching at your backdoor.

To catch more of Uncle Eerie, head over to blip.tv for even more of his grimly fiendish adventures in the Great Outdoors.


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