(Re)Animations: Bubsy

What can possibly go wrong, you ask? This show for starters.

In the video game industry creating a mascot with staying power is harder than you might imagine. For every Mario or Sonic who have achieved household name recognition you have equally obscure characters such as Aero the Acro-Bat, Bonk or Bubsy. Conceived by game designer, Michael Berlyn, Bubsy was a anthropomorphic bobcat who received a fair bit of popular interest in the mid-90s before being plagued by setbacks that included a failed TV pilot and which culminated in a critically bashed attempt at 3D on the original Playstation.

Interestingly enough, Bubsy appeared on virtually every platform pre-Playstation including the SNES, Sega Genesis, Atari Jaguar and PC. One might wonder with such a history if the series lack of console affiliation wasn't ultimately responsible for its lack of widespread recognition. I suppose a cartoon series would have been a way to maintain some level of interest, but with an uninspired plot and over-used catchphrases (there's only so many times you can hear "What Can Possibly Go Wrong?") it's not much of a surprise that it didn't get much support either.

Furthermore, whatever potential this show did have left is completely obliterated by the twins whose whiny voices remind me of those awful Quiznos commercials with creepy-ass singing gerbil-things. Unfortunately, there's only so much that voice-acting (is it just me or does Vergil sound a lot like Baxter Stockman from TMNT?) or vintage stock-video collages (I'm looking at you too, Freakazoid!) can do to stretch out 30 minutes of programming. Sorry, Bubsy, but it's time to put you back in the dollar bin where you belong.


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