Show and Tell: Strange Kid Meets Piranha!

I have to admit that while Strange Kids Club is a labor of love, it's always nice when a reader (old or new) takes the time to reciprocate all the hard effort and sweat equity that goes with the territory of running such an all-inclusive and regularly updated blog. That's why when club member, illustrator and close friend Elliott McHugh sent over this awesome piece of fanart inspired by the recent review of Piranha 3D review my head just nearly exploded. Everything from the retro degraded coloring to the swimsuit and beyond are spot on to the core of what Strange Kid represents. This one is definitely going on the Wall of FArts (fan-constructed artworks).

Have any fanart of your own to share? Send it on over and you could be featured on the Wall of FArts yourself!


  1. Andrew said...:

    Wall of FArts looks like a great idea

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Thanks, Andrew! You and Trevor (van Meter) helped kick it off, so I have to hold the two of you partly responsible, haha.

  1. Troy Heard said...:

    That McHugh kid is so freaking talented!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Troy: Did I ever introduce the two of you? Elliot and I went to CSU together around the same time I first met you. Anyway, he's huge into Halloween and movie monster flicks as well. Really cool guy.

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