Splatter Sighting: New Retro Trailer Released PLUS B-Roll Gameplay Footage!

It would seem that the new footage mentioned in our previous Splatter Sighting earlier this week has made its way to the surface with a triple creature feature of new footage including the premiere of some of the game's classic boss battles! In the retro trailer (see above) we can see glimpses of Biggy Man, Mirror Rick and a giant fetus all of which have been inspired by previous installments of the franchise.

BUT WAIT! There's even more gross goodness after the jump with both 3D and 2D inspired gameplay that really reinvigorates the previous games in the series, most important being enemies that fly at the screen when you slap their heads with a trusty 2x4 à la the original TMNT Arcade game (remember that boss battle with Shredder? You bet you do.).

Also be sure to check out West Mansion for a smorgasbord of new screenshots and stay tuned for more Splatter Sightings as they happen!


  1. I'm excited, but something about the side scrolling action looked a little...tedious. Maybe I'll enjoy it more when I'm playing it.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    It does look a little glitchy in places, but I really get that nostalgic rush when I see those scenes rendered. I have to agree, though, that it'll be interesting to see how the 3D and 2D parts balance with one another.

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