Geek Shriek: New 'Night of the Demons' Trailer (NSFW)

Did I really just see that?

In a definitively not-safe-for-work trailer release, Bloody-Disgusting has apparently premiered the official trailer for the upcoming Night of the Demons remake and its causing quite a stir. Personally I find the footage to be tasteless, gory and exploitative... in other words I love!

In the trailer, there's a great many things for fellow horrorhounds to drool over, not the least of which is not one but TWO topless scenes (though they're quick cuts of course). One in particular features actress Diora Baird recreating the infamous "lipstick" scene in which... well, you know. Unfortunately the ensuing buzz generated has already stirred up a hornet's nest provoking Baird to clarify via Twitter that:
Due to some of your comments, let me make this clear. In the trailer for, well, lets just call it 'Film by idiot f*ck heads," I am NOT naked. That is NOT me. Nor do I get naked in the movie. What you see is just a prosthetic piece. In the movie, that is obvious.
While I can certainly understand her frustration with overbearing fans and lude commentary, I do find it strange how she refers to the film's creators which indicates some friction perhaps(?). I guess we'll have to wait until October to see it for ourselves, but until then will someone please tell them to change that God awful Photoshop-dropout cover art? I implore you.


  1. Chris Hallock said...:

    I'm interested in checking it out, but it might look like it was taken way more seriously than the original. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but I'm always up for a good demon possession massacre film.

    Funny that we had to watch a trailer to get to the trailer.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    I'm glad that the irony of watching a trailer to get to a trailer isn't lost on me alone, Chris.

    Yeah, I'm kind of split on how this film's being marketed a bit too, especially with the aforementioned comments by Baird. I mean, was she not aware while they were filming that scene that fanboy crudeness would be a given?

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