Geek Shriek: A Look Behind the New Devil May Cry (DMC)

Last week saw the return of Capcom's Devil May Cry franchise, albeit in a highly stylized way courtesy of game studio Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword). This week, Gametrailers gives us a (slightly) intimate look behind the reboot and where some of the new game developer's artistic direction is coming from including the new look, sound and even some hints to a different fighting mechanic than in previous incarnations.

The good news is that it would seem that Ninja Theory is working closely with Capcom to ensure that the essential elements of the series are not "lost in translation." On the other hand, it would seem that this title is still deep in production with the creators teasing that it's too soon to reveal any specifics regarding either the storyline or the new fighting style. While I can't agree that the initial design of Dante is "outdated," I am interested to see the new direction Ninja Theory takes with DMC and if, in the end, it will still ring true with fans of the previous games. I think this gamer summed it up rather nicely:
"Imagine them changing Mario to a blue-suited Mexican plumber or Metroid to a man! That would suck right? I don't mind changing the story but don't change the [character's] image."
[via Gametrailers]


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