Introducing... The dARk HOurs Horror Podcast hosted by Grey

Strange Kids Club grows once again as it welcomes yet another contributor to "da family." It's my very esteem pleasure to announce the addition of The dARk HOurs Horror Podcast, hosted by the mysterious Grey (see insert) and his occasional co-host "The Cutter."

A product of Pennycult, The dARk HOurs Horror Podcast takes you deep into a dark world of the Horror genre where every two weeks Grey examines another film from the realm of schlock; offering unique opinions, reviews and more. Each episode is packed with sound clips, horror movie music and contributions from listeners. Segments include The Dark Cut, Kill the 80s, Girls of Horror and more.

To listen to The dARk HOurs, be sure to check out the sidebar to your right where you can either stream or download the latest episode to satiate your aural cavities with a journey through the dark side of cinema.



  1. Anonymous said...:

    Love the Dark Hours! Awesome news Rondal.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @James: I've recently become a fan myself, so it's definitely a pleasure to be one of many "providers" as it were of the show. Not to mention that Grey is a stand-up guy!

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