Geek Shriek: Splatterhouse... Delayed?!


Well, apparently the new Splatterhouse game from Nacmo will not be released in stores this October as originally planned. Intended to be made available October 26, right before Halloween, the game is now available for pre-order via online retailers Gamestop and for November 23- WHA?! Suffice it to say, I am deeply upset by this scheduling change as I had intended for Splatterhouse to be the pièce de résistance of my Halloween haunting season.

Already being underwhelmed by the lack of merchandising and spectacle of Halloween this year in my local outlets (Target, Wal-Mart, Spirit Halloween), this comes as yet another blow... and it hits below the belt. The only shining beacon about my discovery of this delay was learning the Gamestop is offering an exclusive 6" Terror Mask statue (see insert) with a pre-order for the game. Regardless of the delay, most likely due to some last minute polish for either the graphics or gameplay, I'm pretty bummed about the whole thing.


  1. Geof said...:

    So instead of clobbering some fiends before All Hallow's Eve, I guess we'll be doing that before we have some turkey. October's still gonna rock anyway, but the delay better be worth it.

  1. Noooo! That's quite a let down. :( Oh well, least I'll have Costume Quest to satisfy my Halloween gaming needs.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Geof: I suppose you're right... as you said, it better be worth it though.

    @Halloween Blues: Oh yeah! I almost forgot about Costume Quest. Never have been too big on RPGs, but how could I miss out on a Halloween-themed game where costumes become real. Not to mention its being done by Double Fine... I'm there! :)

  1. I never got a chance to play the original for some reason. Were the original games as good as their gory asthetic?

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Grey: They were definitely pretty intense to play at the time, at least for a kid who was used to things like Mario Bros.

    Looking back now I still appreciate the first one for setting the trend, but the most fun has to be the third game that was on the Sega Genesis. While not quite as gory as its predecessors, the third mixed a fair amount of horror, humor, and kick-ass gameplay.

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