Adam Sandler's 'Halloween' Song

Despite his hit or miss record as a box office superstar, I've always respected Adam Sandler's self awareness not to mention his underrated musical talents. Though its been some time since he's released a worthwhile album (What's Your Name?), I do still enjoy combing through the archives for a listen to such comedy classics as "Red Hooded Sweatshirt" or "Dip Doodle." Little did I realize, however, that "The Chanukah Song" was not his only holiday-themed jam.

Granted, while Sandler's sense of humor can be an acquired taste (see Adam Sandler's Cheap Halloween Costume Advice), his music is normally spot on and "Halloween" from his 1996 live performance on HBO is an demonstration of how the actor can merge horror and comedy together. It even yields a surprise guest appearance at the end. Speaking of which, did anyone ever see his Scary Madision's The Shortcut?

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