Saturday Night's Main Event #12: Halloween Edition

Gangrel Vs. Edge

Gangrel (David Heath) and Edge are two of the last wrestlers that I can honestly remember from the late 90s, a time when performers actually needed a real diverse backstory to be successful instead of just a campy gimmick or a "good smile." In fact, these two in particular had a long-running plot line that would see the formation of one of my favorite trios (aside the original D-X) alongside Christian (William Reso) called The Brood. Through their bizarre out-of-the-ring rituals and "blood baths," the Lost Boys inspired "Brood" would add a much welcome taste of the macabre not seen since The Undertaker's first appearance.

Though the personas of Edge and Christian would later adapt to the ever-changing nature of fans, Heath's Gangrel would find the transition more difficult as he slowly faded into obscurity. Since his departure from the WWE, Heath has continued to perform on the independent circuit as the Vampire Warrior. In 2008, he had also apparently begun to explore opportunities in the porn business as a director.

Fun Fact:
Heath was at one time married to another WWE Superstar, Luna (Gertrude Wilkerson). The two were wed on October 31, 1994.

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  1. Morgan said...:

    I loved The Brood! I was always jealous of Edge and Christian, because their hair was so beautiful.

    Man, I miss those days when the Undertaker would have his Ministry of Darkness and Kane would have his mask (and his voice box too).

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Morgan: Kane with his mask? Now you're talking, those were some of the best storylines! How about Mankind, when he first premiered? Totally twisted entertainment.

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