Aiden's Monsters: A Modern Day Monster Kid Needs Your Help

Strange Kids Club was founded in the spirit of living in a childhood full of monster, comic books, cartoons and video games forever and ever. So when I first heard about this story making it's way across the internets it really struck a chord with me on a personal level. Here's a kid who not only has a condition beyond his control and yet he's found a way to deal with it through his art and an imagination full of monsters, mutants and madmen.

The story of Aiden, as described on his blog, is one of an extraordinary 5 year old boy whose love for all things scary has endowed him with a passion for monsters, clowns, drawing, and dressing up in costume all year round. He also has a condition known as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and though he's been resilient through his chemo treatments thus far he's still got a few years left to go.

Aiden's Monsters is a way that he and his family has found to turn Adrian's love of monsters and scary things into an way in which you and I can help pay Aiden's massive medical bills. If you'd like to purchase one of Aiden's artworks or simply offer a donation or kind words, please visit Aiden's Etsy shop and help see that a fellow monster kid can grow up to share his vision and enthusiasm with the world.

Artwork © All rights reserved by Aidan's Monsters


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