Nik Holmes "Halloween" Decoration for Your Screen

Artist and regular Strange Kids Club contributor, Nik Holmes has provided us with a uniquely sinister treat for your ocular enjoyment this Halloween. Below you can find this incredible illustrated homage to John Carpenter's immortal Halloween for you to download and plug on your screen so while you're not tediously working for "the man" you can reminiscence on what is perhaps the quintessential Halloween film. Enjoy!

Click sizes to download:


Nik Holmes combines a love of flat and chunky retro cartooning with the bold and colorful styling of old school graffiti to produce illustrations with a distinctly vector flavoring. On a more personal creative front he produces the small press comic Hardcore Bikini Allstars and is chief gravedigger of the undead art site Zombiedollars.

Artwork © Nik Holmes


  1. Wings said...:

    Uh, the links all lead to a Boo-Berry pic.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Um... trick? Haha, sorry about that. The links have now been updated, download ahoy!

  1. Wings said...:

    Hah - You could have left it alone, would have been a fun trick! ;)


  1. Strange Kid said...:

    You're right. I'll have to save that little diddy for April Fool's. 'Sides, if I didn't change it Nik would have my guts for garters... wait, do puppets have guts?

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