New Splatter Sightings! New Screenshots + Original Concept Art

Though the game is still a month away now (due to it being delayed until November 23), that doesn't mean the team behind the game will leave us for want. Seems as though there are a few new screen shots floating around and might I say they are rather gorgeous (in a totally gory, platonic sort of way of course). You can scope out all 10 screenshots after the jump.

The official site for the game has also promised tons of new content on the way PLUS a brand new site design within the month. However, if that's not enough to satiate your bloodlust, the Splatter Archivist himself has posted a crap ton of juicy pics over at West Mansion including some original Bottle Rocket concept art! If you've never visited West Mansion and you're a fan of Splatterhouse... be prepared to peel your excitable bits off the wall.

Click to enlarge photos:

[via Kotaku] [via Official Splatterhouse website]


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