A Monster Cereal Reboot?

I suppose I'm on a bit of a Monster Cereal kick lately, but I couldn't help not to share this hilarious attempt at "rebooting" the Monster Cereals franchise via indie sketch comedy group Mantapus Productions. Anyone know where I can find some Freddy Krueger Flakes?

Speaking of some sugar-coated confections, Von Kreep (that cool ghoul who I brought us The Spooky, Swinging Sounds of Kreepsville Manor) also has another project that's in the works entitled Cereal Killers! Collecting some especially ghastly work from all sorts of talented artists, Cereal Killer is scheduled to be published as a book though in the meantime many of these sinister creations can be found online.

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  1. Wings said...:

    Good, silly, Halloween-y fun!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Just enough humor and horror that makes Halloween so fun. ;)

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