Granny Grimm's Book of Ghoulish Grammar presents 'J is for Jason'

Time to get your learning caps ready for a frighteningly educational new feature! Granny Grimm's Ghoulish Book of Grammar is a weekly artistic experiment by artist Nik Holmes that explores the world of horror films one slant, alphabetic pictogram at a time. Entries premiere every Thursday at noon.
King of slashers Jason
is a real big momma's boy,
but didn't Tommy kill him?
Oh shit, I think that's Roy!
Nik Holmes combines a love of flat and chunky retro cartooning with the bold and colorful styling of old school graffiti to produce illustrations with a distinctly vector flavoring. On a more personal creative front he produces the small press comic Hardcore Bikini Allstars and is chief gravedigger of the undead art site Zombiedollars.

Artwork © Nik Holmes


  1. J. Astro said...:

    Hahaha!! Ah, Fake Jason aka Roy, with his stylin' BLUE (not red!) mask highlights.

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