Splatterhouse Website Relaunches PLUS New Footage

As promised a week or so back the official Splatterhouse site has relaunched with a slightly overhauled look and tons of new content. There are some new streaming audio tracks and a section dedicated to the bands from the game's OST, a new media section with some new goodies, features list, and even character profiles that reveal a bit more of the storyline.

Of course who could look past that prominent "Buy Now" button which takes you to a section that shows off all of the incentives for pre-ordering the game. Personally I've got mine on pre-order from Game Stop so I can get that sweet looking "Mask" statuette, but to be honest that all sound pretty awesome. You'll also be able to play the original Splatterhouse on your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) soon too! November can't come soon enough.

UPDATE: It would seems yesterday's post was a little shy of missing this killer preview game footage courtesy of Gametrailers (see above)! This only fuels my excitement for what I anticipate to be Strange Kid's Game of the Year. Forget the turkey... this November it's all about squishy aberrations of science!

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  1. Geof said...:

    I cannot wait for this to be released. That screenshot is killer...yes pun intended.

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