Trailer Terrors: Candy (2010)

Everyone has a sweet tooth.

As the tagline suggests, there's something sinister afoot on Halloween and it has something to do with a woman named Candy. A joint production between StarFruit Prodcutions and Bloody Unique Entertainment, Candy is a short film that I was recently invited to see by Creator and Actor, Jesse Kozel. Having read a brief review of the film over at AtomicFox's site a few days earlier, and hearing murmurs about the film online since its debut this past September, I was definitely interested to see just how sweet this indie effort really was.

As a whole the film relies heavily on a suspension of disbelief to achieve its overtly Hitchcockian intent. This need for suspension becomes primarily important in regard to the rather odd relationship between the film's two main cast members; Marcus (played by Kozel) and his mother, Candy (played by Sage Hall). Hall does her best to channel the psychotic, motherly persona of Wendy Robie in People Under the Stairs (and does so with some success), but ultimately seems to lack that certain bit of sadistic charm in her execution.

In fact, all the actors do a great job in their roles but their performances are underscored by some fast-paced editing. While the effects associated with these edits (such as a grainy filter during the more intense moments) definitely drive home the intent of each scene, the break neck speed at which the camera moves leaves little room for any kind of lasting emotion to be conveyed.

The ending does offer an enjoyable twist, however, complete with a Rod Serling-esque sign-off by Kozel (as himself). It's a respectable short horror film and though it could have benefited from some extended scenes and a bit more suspense, there's still a lot substance thanks to some quality performances and really awesome set pieces.

If you'd like to learn more about the film, or catch a screening yourself, make sure to check out Bloody Unique online or hit up their Facebook page.

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  1. Jesse Kozel said...:

    Thank you again for reviewing the film. I appreciate every opinion. How can we grow as filmmakers if we don't know what the people watching are thinking?

    Again. Thank you and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Jesse: Most definitely, and I'm glad that you appreciate the feedback. You're right, what other way is there to grow?

    Be sure you stick around for all the other cool stuff Strange Kids has to offer and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you as well!

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