Behind the Screams: Trick R' Treat

In anticipation of its October 6th DVD, Warner Bros. has released an insightful behind-the-scenes shortdoc on the origins of Sam, the mischievous "spirit of Halloween" who haunts the Creepshow-style tales of Trick R' Treat. Honestly the most highly-anticipated addition to my Halloween collection coming out this year, Trick R' Treat originated from a senior thesis animation project by writer/director Michael Dougherty entitled Seasons Greetings.

The feature length film, which was withheld from theatrical release last year, follows the interwoven stories during the course of a Halloween night. Murder, mayhem and mischief ensure as the tales unfold in episodic nature akin to Tales from the Crypt. Featuring a solid collection of stories and concept art from the reknowned Breehn Burns (see insert) its sure to be a creep-filled tribute to Halloween horror of days past.

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