Head Games: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

The world has become overrun by an undead horde of zombies, monsters and giant babies thanks to... wait, why are they attacking? Though its never actually specified exactly why or where all of the monsters came from all you need to know is that they need to die. Armed with nothing but a pair of 3D specs, a watergun, and your teenage wits you take on the role of either Zeke or Julie. Your mission? Find and save all of your neighbors whether they be cheerleaders, babies, teachers or lazy ass pool urchins.

Preceding Resident Evil as the originator of the survival horror game genre, Zombies Ate My Neighbors has a sly charm to it that evokes a period of pop culture and horror when it was fun to be scared. Rounding out at around 50 levels the difficulty can become quite frustrating, but its Return of the Living Dead visuals and Ernest Scared Stupid humor is enough impetus for any horror gamer to give it a chance. For a better review of the actual game, check out the Irate Gamer's video review (see above).

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    One of the best games in the universe. I played this game religiously with my friend Chase Parmer back in the day. I wish I still had it. MAN, what a great game.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Such a fun game. The Super Nintendo was the sh*t. How cool would it be if they had made a version in 3D so that you could wear your own glasses and fight monsters?

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