Trailer Terrors: The Tripper

So today is Presidents Day, huh? Like the bastard child of some anonymous holiday hook-up, Presidents Day has always seemed to lack the luster of its more illustrious holidays such as Halloween of Christmas. Heck, even Martin Luther King Day seems to get more props than Presidents Day. Even though it was founded with the purpose of paying respect to our first President, George Washington, there's never been much to look forward to aside from erroneous car sales and getting another reprieve from the drudgery of school.

Its even proved to be too boring for most horror movie directors to tackle, albeit there have been those that tried. Take David Arquette's The Tripper for instance (see trailer above). Though flawed in its own right, at least its an honest attempt at making politicians scarier than they already are. Sure it doesn't hold a flame to Friday the 13th or Black Christmas, but its hard to hate a film that tries this hard. Full of blatant drug use, graphic violence, and explicit nudity The Tripper is as decent an ode to the politics if I've ever seen one. So there ya go, happy President's Day everybody!


  1. Who could ever forget the child and the chainsaw? I need to give this movie another viewing. My first one was on Halloween night of 2007 after an Astronomy test. It was when we were still living on Ridgecrest in LaGrange. I watched The Tripper as well as Slither that night. Probably the lamest Halloween I have ever had...maybe? I just ended up celebrating another Halloween a couple of nights after.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Yeah, this one didn't quite live up to the hype, but its not a bad film either. Reminds me more of The Burning than Friday the 13th, just go into it for fun and it should be a worthwhile popcorn flick.

    Oh, did you notice the trailer was in Spanish... on President's Day? ... God bless America.

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