Dead on Set: Zombie Art Inspired by George Romero

He's the man who has dedicated the better part of his life to exploring (and sometimes exploiting) the zombie horror sub-genre. So, as Romero Week continues here at the clubhouse, I figured what better way to celebrate the man himself than to track down some of the most killer (no pun intended) portraits from around the web that were directly inspired by the deviant director.

From the comically grim to the downright devastatingly gorgeous, each of the artists below have crafted their signature ode to the Godfather of Zombies in all his stunning... rather sinister glory.
George A. Romero
by Jef Vandenbergh

George Romero Portrait
by Cgoose

Gorge A Romero
by Makinata

Romero Caricature
by dugazm

by Joe Alterio

by Jason Chan

Zombie Romero
by Karl Christian

George A. Romero Zombified
by Sean Evans

George A. Romero Zombified
by Timo Grubing

George A. Romero
by Hafter Seyer


  1. The Man-Cave said...:

    Good idea for a post, dude. These are f'n great! My personal fav is the last one.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Yeah, I was surprised by how few images I could find actually. Figured there would have been hundreds, but not so much.

    I can't decide between Makinata and dugazm's depiction, though Makinata's does remind me of El Superbeasto (oh, what ruined potential there was for that film).

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