Head Games: TMNT Tournament Fighters (1993)

No Street Fighter has ever seen fighting like this.

TMNT Tournament Fighters is one of those rare games (at least back in the day) that was released on three different platforms that each featured a distinctly different cast of characters. Of course, the favorite amongst the three has to be the SNES version which not only boasted the biggest roster of playable characters but also the best gameplay for your buck.

No TMNT-based video game before or since has offered up so many of the cool characters that fans of the cartoon, comics and toyline have come to know so well. I mean sure, the obvious choices of Bebop & Rocksteady are noticeably absent, but in their place we get all 4 turtles PLUS Shredder, a monster named War, the crazy man-bat known as Wingnut, a cyborg killing machine (Chrome Dome), a ninja girl named Aska and a mutant shark called Armaggon. Much moreso than the NES or Genesis versions, these characters had excellent controls and some pretty sweet special moves.

The bosses of the SNES version, while not epic, were also better than the other versions and included the Rat King and Karai (a character that has become more prevalent in recent animated incarnations). It would have also been nice to see Krang and Casey Jones who were present in the other versions, but there's always hope for a sequel... right? Let's hope so.


  1. Dude, don't forget that TURTLES IN TIME video game that was also THE JAM! Remember the Prehistoric Turtlesaurus!!?? Man oh man, that game was IT dude. I wish I still had my copy. I remember TMNT Tournament too though and boy oh boy what gorgeous memories are associated with it.

  1. Here is a link to see some of the game play

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Too cool! Who could forget that game. It was the third game(?) I believe. Bad-ass nonetheless.

    Thanks for posting that link as well, really makes me want to break out the emulator and ROMs so I can relive the glory!

  1. Kmork said...:

    TMNT Tournament Fighters was incredibly addictive while Turtles in Time was positively divine. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories, Strange Kid.

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