Meet the Horror Bloggers feat. Strange Kids Club

Given the fact that Strange Kids Club is dedicated more towards a general sense of nostalgia for the enjoyment of all, its not often that I get to toot my own horn... at least not in public anyway.

Recently, however, I was given the opportunity to delve into the past and relive the origins of my horror loving, nostalgic ways and reveal how the concept for Strange Kids Club began thanks to Cortez from Planet of Terror and the newly resurrected Meet the Horror Bloggers series.

Originally created by John Cozzoli over at Zombo's Closet, Meet the Horror Bloggers was recently brought back to life by Cortez and focuses on emerging and influential horror bloggers from all across the 'net. In fact, many of my personal favorite bloggers have been featured such as The Horror Digest, Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense, Dollar Bin Horror and Freddy in Space (to name a few).

Make sure you catch the Strange Kids Club interview here and spend some time kicking it on the only "planet" online that's completely dedicated to spreading terror!


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