Splatter Sighting: Splatterhouse Microsite Revealed!

Little did I know that this year's Comic Con had yet another Splatterhouse-themed treat in store for fans aside from this phenomenal new poster by artist Dave Wilkins (seen here). As reported by West Mansion on August 4th, it seems that the marketing team at Namco are going all out with a special edition Splatterhouse t-shirt that was made available to select fans at the Con.

Evidently, each shirt came with a note which leads to a "secret" microsite touting the new game's various contests and social media profiles. The big attraction, however, seems to be the fact owners of the shirts can hold it up to their webcams and reveal a ham-sized fist exploding from their chest cavity (see insert) a la Alien. As the site explains:
A large shipment of t-shirts mistakenly shipped to the West Mansion. According to recent reports and sightings, these t-shirts were tampered with by the evil Dr. West.

If you own or have received a Splatterhouse t-shirt we recommend testing to see if your shirt has been infused with necro from his laboratory.
Pretty wicked if you ask me, but what's up with the exclusivity? While the microsite promotes pre-orders, shoes and the t-shirt none of these items are actually available which, quite honestly, bums me out a little. Especially when there's a big button that says "Get a T-Shirt" only to reveal an incomplete schedule of conventions and events where the tshirt will appear. Hell, I'd be willing to shell out my hard-earned cash for even a glimmer of such swag!


  1. Sam Hain said...:

    They really need to put out more info on this game and a demo, stat. I didn't know that they were including the other three games as well. I hope there's seperate achievements for them hehe. Yeah, I'm an achievement whore.

  1. Scare Sarah said...:

    That is so cool. Must have one.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Halloween Blues: I agree that they need to due a better job of opening their news channels. I heard about the inclusion of the original games, but only because I've been snooping. It seems as though updates to their website and Twitter are few and far between, which is really a shame.

    @Sarah: I totally agree. I mean, what could they lose by selling them online?

  1. The Man-Cave said...:

    Did the guy in that picture have the "Special"?

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Geof: Yeah, there's a few more on the site as well that show the fist/arm a little better. How I understand it is that the logo on the front of the shirt acts as a "barcode" that your webcam identifies to project the image. Pretty neat stuff.

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