The Happy Undertaker presents 'Friday's Fables' #5

The Happy Undertaker presents Friday's Fables is a weekly column based on The Happy Undertaker series of comics by artist Drazen Kozjan who has illustrated several children's books including Diary of a Fairy Godmother and the Julia Gillian series. Strips will premiere every Friday at noon.

The Happy Undertaker is a "surrealistic melting pot of anything that might pop into my head and onto the page and does not necessarily need to be explained," says Kozjan. "I try to keep this sense of adventure, surprise and a good (if mysterious) story, with the best drawings I can muster in all my work from children's book illustration to single image."

For more information on The Happy Undertaker or its creator, Drazen Kozjan, be sure to check out the official Happy Undertaker Blog in addition to his his personal blog, Hypnotik Eye.

Artwork © Drazen Kozjan


  1. Mr. Karswell said...:

    Okay Drazen, now bring her back!!!

  1. Andrew Barr said...:

    I'm really glad these are posted here. such great surreal comics.

  1. Drazen said...:

    Oh she may turn up again at some point Karswell.

    Thanks Andrew, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying them!
    I'm glad I'm to be posting here as well.

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